Golf school    

Every Wednesday, from 2 pm to 4.30 pm, 40 children age 6 to 15, get together to play golf. Training is organised on the driving range and putting green before quickly taking off on the golf course to advance all while having a good time.


‘Championnat des Landes’ (Landes Championship):
- Alessandra Oddos: 1st in the Girls under 13 category
- Marine Barbat: 2nd in the Girls ‘minime’ category (14-15 yrs old)
- Maxime Bonté: 1st in the Boys ‘benjamin’ category (13 yrs old)
- Charles Gélinet: 2nd in the Boys ‘minime’ category (14-15 yrs old)

Inter-departmental Championship:
- Alessandra Oddos qualified for the ‘inter-regionals’
- Inter-regional championship: Alessandra Oddos qualified for the ‘Championnat de France’
- ‘Championnat de France’: Alessandra Oddos finished 12th in the nationals

‘Championnat des Landes’ (Landes Championship):
- Charles Gélinet: 2nd - boys ‘minime’ category (14-15 yrs old)
- Maxime Bonté: 6th - boys ‘minime’ category (14-15 yrs old)
- Thomas Bonté: 7th - boys ‘benjamin’ category (13 yrs old)
- Yohan Sidibé: 3rd – boys under 13 category

lecons et stage de golf biscarrosse

Inter-regional championship: Charles Gélinet qualified for the ‘Championnat de France
‘Championnat de France’: Charles Gélinet finished 26th in the nationals

Junior ‘Championnat des Landes’ - under 11:
Emma Amblard - 1st place
Matéo Barbet - 1st place

Descoubès Challenge:
Alexis Carrère 1st in the 'Benjamins' category
By teams: Biscarrosse - 2nd following Mont-de-Marsan

Congratulations to all our junior golfers!